history timeline

  1. Camera obscura: 5th century B.C
  2. Photochemistry: 18th and 19th Century
  3. Daguerreotype: 1837


studio portraits




25 to describe studio portraits:

professional, fancy, nice, style, bright, intense, cropped at shoulder, creative, creative, clean, artistic, unique, pure, beautiful, balanced, interactive, delicate, soft, natural, movement, character, passionate, candid, movement, detailed.


camera modes

There are many types of camera modes, and all of them do something different. automatic modes, portrait modes, Marco mode, landscape mode,

sports mode, night mode, movie mode, semi-automatic modes, shutter priority mode, program mode, fully manual mode, and manual mode all work for different things. The recommended camera mode for when starting shooting would be manual.

self-portrait with text

exposure: 1/125 sec; f/3.5; ISO 100; aperture priority; spot metering focal length 18.00mm

fun, hyper, energetic, smart, nice, kind, bright, helpful, sincere, loving, organized, understanding, wise, dependable, easy going, observant, patient, trustworthy, reliable, peaceful, joyous, practical, polite.

3 geographic covers.

Pin by Sarai Ovzinsky on Nature Magazine Covers | National geographic cover, National geographic ...

this cover caught my attention because the man is with the elephant. the elephant looks at peace. elephants are going extinct and the man seems to be helping him.

National-Geographic Covers

this cover is eye catching because it a tornado passing through the title. it looks like a lot of greys and blacks and it all comes together.

National Geographic gives Fox control of media assets in $725 million deal - The Washington Post

this cover catches the eye because it has multiple things going on in it. there is two other planets in the cover that makes you think about the title.